Real estate Expo Geneva

International Real Estate Exhibition REAL ESTATE EXPO GENEVA was first decided to make the event in 2013, the organization with the professionnal is more long than we have imagine so the Event is going in 2014.


Real estate Expo Geneva 2013


• RealtyGoldWorld International Expo Geneva 2013 --‐ is a place where

International professionals and clients of real estate market meet; it aims to create an opportunity of a quick and efficient search of both new

Partners for and direct buyers from different part of the World.

For the real estate companies, who want to enter on an international

Arena of global real estate market or to work on it more effectively,

Participation in RealtyGoldWorld International Expo 2013 will be a unique opportunity to hold dozens of meetings with both international

Professionals and clients during just a few days.

The event gives you opportunity to strike 2 goals at one shot

1)  find partners from different parts of the world

2) find direct buyers or investors to propose your competitive product

• For the Real Estate agencies, meeting with a wide range of developers

And agents from different countries of the globe will help to enlarge your database of international real estate, and get new opportunities

For developing of your business.


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Geneva Expo 2013

Today   ! The personal freedoms develop in world.

For the Buyer !

There are properties for everyone: small second residences and luxury villas, residences currently being built for private individuals as well as for investors.

Newly built from worldwide developer, and overseas properties from International Real estate agencies, all the exhibitors can give you advise when you look for overseas properties.

Listening the conference you can learn the advantage and inconvenient when you buy in eurozone and when you buy abroad.

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